Habitual consumption of sugar sweetened beverages was associated with a greater incidence of type 2 diabetes, independently of adiposity.

(BMJ 2015;351:h3576 )

 Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) are drinks with added sugar including: non-diet soft drinks/sodas, flavored juice drinks, sports drinks, sweetened tea, coffee drinks, energy drinks, and electrolyte replacement drinks.

What you should know:

  • Approximately 11% of the calories youth consume come from sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Each 12-ounce soft drink per day consumed by children increases their odds of becoming obese by 60%.
  • Among young children, aged 1 through 5 years, consumption of sweetened, carbonated soft drinks was associated with an 80-100% increased risk of dental caries.

To burn off the calories from a 12-ounce can of soda, a 75-pound child needs to bicycle vigorously for about 30 minutes - an average adult would need to walk at a moderate pace for 25 minutes to burn off the same soda.